About Us

As Christadelphians we use the phrases 'Meeting' or Eccesia' to refer to our church. We consist of 25 members and meet 3 times a week on a Thursday and Sunday for Bible Class, the Breaking of Bread and the Sunday evening public talk. 

We also run a Sunday School with activities for children alongside the Sunday Morning Meeting



Our Services

We follow a simple pattern with prayers, hymns, bible readings and a talk by a member. We have no paid minsters, so we organise the services and other activities ourselves.The majority are involved which leads to a variety of approaches and much individual interest.

All members are encouraged to read the Bible to have a good understanding of its teachings and to help us with practical christian living

Our Invite to you

We welcome you to come along to any of our services or activities, to examine what we believe and whether the faith which gives us a reliable foundation of life could be yours as well.

If you wish to come along or contact us for information then please do, but remember you will be under no obligation and no pressure will be put on you if you do not wish any further contact.

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